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Urban Dictionary : KLR

slang urban klr kupong

As in snafu, klpd also refers to any mistake, trouble, or a generally bad situation. The typical response when you have no idea what you want, but you are just too shy or lazy to suggest something. Babes, hTFU, hurry the f*k up, jTAY just thinking about you. A close English equivalent is ". 30 Minutes Later* A: EH BRO, where YOU? Girl best friend: YOU siao AH? Siao What it means: Meaning crazy in hokkien. B: Example of an irrelevant use of Bo Jio: A: *Takes a photo of girlfriend kissing him in front of MBS.

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You will also like). Simi What it means: "Simi" bascially means what in hokkien. Why you haven't started yet ah? Because we just like to do everything fast(er). Warning: Extreme "eeyer" moments: Botfly making a home in someone's head. An acronym which signifies Kazaa Lite Resurrection, a P2P file hot z pizza kupong sharing customer. KL, definition *required, used in a Sentence: Thus concludes our slang archive for. You are here: Home, urban Dictionary, september 24, 2018 Urban Dictionary, link to this page. What does, kL mean? A: Ya man, how siaaa. This isn't the complete list of Singaporean slang in our vocabulary, but they are my 20 favourite ones.

Slang urban klr kupong
slang urban klr kupong

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